Christmas Holiday Posts

The holidays are coming quickly. Here you will find all the Christmas-related posts on my site!  Some great stuff here now, and more coming soon! Scroll on down to see what all we have! We try to have a little sometime for everyone.

Christmas Holiday Posts

Christmas Holiday Posts

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I love shopping for my family, Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love to see the look on their faces, and all that goes with gift-giving. Not everyone loves to shop which is why I have a number of gift guides available for all ages and interests.

Family Fun

Christmas is a fun time of year to learn more about the holidays in different cultures. Whether that is through books, or through recreating traditions. Family and holiday traditions are what the holidays are all about. Teo of our most favorite things during the Christmas holidays are Growing Candy Canes and Christmas Eve Box Our Holiday Tradition.

Don’t forget to print off your bucket list for loads of fun. Like, making your own cards, whether super fancy or more simple like coloring books style cards for kids.

Another fun activity to do is to create your own advent calendar. I plan on doing this every.single.year and yet I never plan on it early enough and end up going to the store to buy a chocolate advent calendar. Who, knows maybe this will be the year you and I both create an advent calendar.

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Christmas is over but there is still New Year’s to bring in with your family. Start the year off right with these fun traditions.