8 Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

I love Christmas traditions, creating new ones for my family, carrying on old ones with my kids. It is so true that there is nothing like watching your kids enjoy Christmas, it is the BEST part of Christmas. My favorite thing to do for my kids is the Christmas Eve Box.

8 Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

8 Christmas Traditions to Start this Year

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The holidays are all about spending time together and creating great memories that will last forever, even when your children are grown.

Elf on the Shelf

We don’t do Elf on the Shelf ourselves, but so many people do and it looks like they have a lot of fun with it. Your kids will know that the elf is always watching their behavior! There are so many different things that your elf can do each night leading up to Christmas.

Christmas Eve Box

This is one of my favorite things to do for my kids. I always opened a gift on Christmas Eve as a child and loved getting a movie to watch or a book to read. Now I box a pair of pajamas, a movie, and some snacks up for each of my kids, wrap it of course, and that is their gift to open on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve Box Our Holiday Tradition

Christmas Caroling

Go caroling! Practice singing some carols around the house then bundle up your kids and yourself up and sing for your family and friends.

Family Movie Night

Family movie night during the Christmas holidays could be every night with all the amazing movies to chose from. We love reading a Christmas book and then watching the movie. One of our favorite movies is the Santa Claus with Tim Allen. We started watching it a couple of years ago when Austin started to ask questions about Christmas, like how does Santa get in the house.

It’s sugar cookie time! Break out the fun holiday cookie cutters, and the fun colored sprinkles. We have small rolling pins for our kids, so they also roll out the dough, cut it and then get to decorate them after baking. It makes for a fun afternoon activity.

After making cookies it can be fun to deliver some to family and friends as a cookie exchange or just because you love them.

no bake cookies

Making Ornaments

My kids love to make ornaments for their grandparents. It’s something fun to do, something they enjoy but only comes once a year.

Making Christmas Cards

Just like making ornaments, they only get to make Christmas cards once a year! When sending a card to aunts and uncles, and grandparents. Along with a new picture of my kids.

Snowman Making/Decorating Contest

Get outside as a family and make some snowmen! Hopefully, you have the perfect snow for making snowmen around the holidays, I know it’s not always possible. You can find snowman making kits or rad your mittens/scarfs/hats for those that are missing pairs or too small.

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