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Getting kids in the kitchen doesn’t have to be scary or dangerous when you are teaching them how to do things properly. My kids love getting in the kitchen and helping Blake or I while we are cooking supper or baking something. We have been working on getting them in the kitchen more and more, giving them more to try and do.

Kids in the Kitchen

Helping in the Kitchen

Letting your young kids in the kitchen to help out can be really overwhelming, I have been there, and avoided baking while they were awake for a time just because it was easier, I get it. But it is so rewarding to watch them learn new skills in the kitchen, to see their faces light up when they have made something completely on their own.

I have a number of items in my Amazon store for kids who are starting to cook. These are cookbooks, and cooking utensils just the right size for smaller hands.

Your kids are going to love being in the kitchen. No matter how little they do, your kids will be excited to add a little something or to stir a bowl of flour, they’ll be telling everyone how they helped.

It is easy to start your kids off slow and steadily grow both their skills and their confidence with more and more time spent in the kitchen. Teach them kitchen rules for kids to keep them safe.

One of our favorite ways to spend time in the kitchen together is with PIZZA. My kids help in the kitchen to make pizza, any and all steps of the pizza making. Using smaller pizza pans means they get to make their own individual pizzas. From rolling out the dough to adding the sauce, the toppings, and shredding the cheese.

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