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Google for Homeschoolers

Everyone knows Google as a great search engine, the go-to one for many. But Google offers us more than just a search engine and after the next couple of weeks, I am going to share some great ways you as homeschoolers can make great use of the great tools that come with a Google account.

Using Google in Your homeschool

Google for Homeschoolers

Now that you know you can use Google Suite, Google tools as a homeschooler, it is time to use them in your homeschool to make life easier and learning more fun for everyone.

You might be able to give your kids a little more independence with their lessons too. Which, as they get older, or as you find something that makes you happy, such as creating your own business or job, independence is going to give you freedom Momma.

digital interactive notebook example
This is a freebie in my subscriber resource library.

Google Classroom Tips

How to Set up Google Classroom for Homeschool – Step by step setting up Google Classroom for Homeschool

5 Beginner Tips for Google Classroom

4 More Tips for Google Classroom in Your Homeschool

Google Classroom in Your Homeschool – this one has been getting used more and more in the last few months

Using Google in Your Homeschool

Chrome Extensions for Google Classroom Planning

Best Homeschool Tool: Google Search – with a search engine just for kids

6 Chrome Extensions for Homeschooling

Google Drive for Homeschoolers – this has become my tool in my everyday life – homeschooling, blogging, personal

Google Slides for Lessons and Projects

Google Slides Lesson Planner

Family Link for your Kids Devices

Keeping Track of EVERYTHING in Google Sheets – this doesn’t need to be just for homeschooling either, though it does make keeping track of all homeschool-related things super easy. I also use it for personal, and blogging life.

Digital Interactive Notebooks – we are loving these. They make learning so much fun. Plus, all kids love more computer time.

Daily Assignment Pages for Google Classroom & Slides

Google Classroom Alternatives

FAQ for Google Classroom for Homeschoolers


I put together this FAQ for Google Classroom to hopefully help you figure everything out when it comes to using Google Classroom in your homeschool.

email sign up form image-Google Bundle

Get Your Free Google Classroom Cheat-Sheet

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