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Book Recommendations for All Ages

These book recommendations for all ages will make you laugh, cry, or learn. I find the best worlds not in movies, but in books! With books, I can learn something or get lost in make-believe and leave the stresses of the day behind.

Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations for all Ages

We are big book lovers here, my kids and I are anyway. Blake isn’t so much a book reader, though he has been getting into audiobooks lately while he drives, which definitely counts!

Scroll down to find the lists of books for kids, books for moms, and books for homeschoolers alike.

Remember, the more your kids see you reading, the more likely they are to be readers.

Book Recommendations for All Ages woman holding a blue mug reading a book

Books for Kids

My kids are crazy about books. We love to hit the library and fill our arms and backpacks with books on all topics. It is something that they definitely got from me.

Books about Summer Camp for Kids

10 Doodle Books for Girls

5 Book Series for Girls Aged 11-13 Years Old

Books on Amazing Women for Our Girls

Our 10 Favorite Book + Movie Combos

The Best Library Books About Going to the Library

10 Books for Young Entrepreneurs: Kidpreneurs

The Perfect Summer Reading List for Toddlers

Black History Month Books to Read

Favorite Canadian Children’s Books

Beginner Books for Kids – I Can Read

Holiday Books

Groundhog Day Books for Kids

Valentine’s Day Books for Kids

Christmas Around the World Books

Book Recommendations for All Ages girl reading in a fort with a flashlight

Educational Books for Homeschoolers

These books going to be a big hit in your homeschool. We have loved them, and are loving them now, like the Big fat Notebooks. Those are going to be lifesavers in the coming years.

Big Fat Notebooks for Middle School

Nature Study Books to Boost Your Lessons

Arctic Animals Books for Kids

Thinking Tree Books in Our Homeschool

All Fish Faces Picture Book

Books About Canada for Your Homeschool

6 Secular Books for Homeschoolers

Books Teaching Evolution in Your Secular Homeschool

Veterinarian Books for Middle School

Furious Think Books for Tweens and Teens

Kitchen Math Books for Your Homeschool

Forest School Books

Graded Reading Level Books

Kindergarten through grade 12 for those looking for books more in line with the reading grade that their children are in.

Homeschool Books for Homeschool Moms

Just like reading homeschool blogs, I enjoy reading homeschool books. Taking knowledge from them to add to our homeschool and better it.

Kindle Books for Homeschool Moms

Homeschool Books for Homeschooling Moms

Homeschool Books I Recommend for Beginning

Book Recommendations for All Ages two girls looking at a book at a table

Book Reviews

I See Me – Magical Snowman

Austin’s Night Before Christmas – I See Me

My Farm Friends Personalized Book – ISeeMe

If you have a book recommendation, I would love to hear it. I am always looking for more books to read myself, or for reading with my kids.

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