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We have been gardening with our kids for a few years here in the prairies. We have had great success, I still have a lot of tomatoes in my freezer from last summer to prove it. We have had really bad luck, last year we didn’t a single cucumber, a favorite around here.

But we don’t give up and my kids learn a lot from gardening, and they’ll eat anything we grow.

About watching a plant grow from the seed you planted is quite the experience. And if you can start some seeds in a clear container you can teach your kids all about root systems and sunlight, all those science things.

How we have been growing herbs in pots for a few years now, and they are, in reality, really easy to grow. They just need to be water regularly, like every day. A little water every day, and you get beautiful, flavorful herbs.

How to include gardening in your homeschool: We have included them in every step so, and they’ll be helping with the planting because kids have small fingers for small seeds and small weeds. Joking! They’ll be helping too.

There are so many benefits of gardening with kids that we finish our homeschool lessons earlier in the year so that we can focus on gardening, planting, and growing fresh foods. Teaching kids to the garden in our homeschool is the best lesson that they can have as a life skill.

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