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We love doing hands-on science experiments whenever possible. My personal favorites would be those that we can do with things we already have in the house, and that is mainly what you are going to find here.

We also have simple and fun science experiments that you may want to check out too. There are some that are super easy and you can set them up in minutes for a lot of fun.

Science Experiments

After years of living in a small community without a store, we have learned to be very creative in most of our science experiments and to plan ahead for others.

There are two types of science experiments that we like to do. Those that we simply do for fun and those that we do for educational purposes and go along with our lessons.

Homeschool Science Fair Project Planner

Fun Science Experiments

Color Changing

We have done a few fun science experiments that involve color. Taking color away or adding color to something, is super fun.

Outside Fun

Sometimes experiments can get away from us and we are better off doing those ones outside instead so we don’t have to worry about the mess that is going to be made – like lava lamps – you don’t have to limit the fun or mess outside when you can just hose it away.


We have a few different kinds of weather in a jar experiments that we have done on a rainy afternoon simply because they were fun, but boy we’re able to learn a lot from them.

I hope to always be doing science experiments with my kids no matter how old they get because I enjoy them just as much as they do.

We have done experiments for holidays and for different seasons and for different types of weather.

fireworks in a jar with text overlay

Fireworks in a Jar for Kids

Try out this easy food color science project that uses just a few simple kitchen supplies. This fun lesson can be created into your 4th of July or a New Year’s Eve lesson. Let’s get right to learning how to make fireworks in a jar for a simple science experiment. Fireworks in a Jar I …

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child with balloons and science equipment with text overlay

Human Body Experiments for Kids

Kids are interested in science and the body. Let’s combine that in human body experiments to help them learn more! Hands-on learning with experiments not only provides them with great learning experiences but also creates great memories! Human Body Experiments for Kids Getting hands-on in your homeschool is the best, most effective way to teach …

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Homeschool Science Fair Project Planner sample pages with text overlay

Science Fair Project Planner

We love doing science experiments here, and I thought that creating a science fair project poster would be a great way for my kids to display what they have learned. There is the added benefit that your kids are going to be working on writing and planning skills as they work through their science fair …

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finished ice cream in a jar

Ice Cream in A Jar

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Woman holding bright purple slime in both hands with blue background

Slime Science Fair Project

We have made a lot of slime in this household. We have used numerous recipes but we have always done it in fun, not looking at the science behind it. Now we are looking to create our own slime science fair project. Slime Science Fair Project Add a little school the next time you make …

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