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Science Experiments for Kids

We love doing hands-on science experiments whenever possible. My personal favorites would be those that we can do with things we already have in the house, and that is mainly what you are going to find here.

Science Experiments

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Science Experiments

After years of living in a small community without a store, we have learned to be very creative in most of our science experiments and to plan ahead for others.

There are two types of science experiments that we like to do. Those that we simply do for fun and those that we do for educational purposes and go along with our lessons.

Fun Science Experiments

Slime Science Fair Project

Self Inflating Balloon Experiment

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

DIY Bath Bombs Without Citric Acid

Heart Pumping Human Body Science Experiment

Homemade Lava Lamp for your Kids

Bouncy Egg Experiment – Eggs in Vinegar

Elephant ToothpasteRead More

Shrinking Egg Science Experiment

Color Changing

We have done a few fun science experiments that involve color. Taking color away or adding color to something, is super fun.

Easy Red Cabbage pH Indicator

Color-Changing Water Science Experiment

Invisible Ink Secret Messages

Temperature and Water Density Science Experiment

A Quick Skittles Experiment for Kids

Disappearing Color Science Experiment

Color Changing Flowers

Walking Water Experiment

Outside Fun

Sometimes experiments can get away from us and we are better off doing those ones outside instead so we don’t have to worry about the mess that is going to be made – like lava lamps – you don’t have to limit the fun or mess outside when you can just hose it away.

Summer Sun Screen Protection Activity

Bottle Rockets

Soil Testing Garden Science

Wizard’s Brew Fun is Brewing

Pop and Mentos Eruption


We have a few different kinds of weather in a jar experiments that we have done on a rainy afternoon simply because they were fun, but boy we’re able to learn a lot from them.

Why Do Leaves Change Color? Autumn Science

Cloud in A Jar – Science Experiment

Snow Storm in A Jar Science Experiment

Snow Reaction in A Bag Science Experiment

Making Rain in a Jar Science

Shark Buoyancy – Animal Science Experiment

Arctic Animals – Science Experiment

I hope to always be doing science experiments with my kids no matter how old they get because I enjoy them just as much as they do.

We have done experiments for holidays and for different seasons and for different types of weather.

Halloween Science Experiments for Preschoolers

Hands-on Science Experiments for Kids

Science Fair Project Planner

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