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I have a number of activities that I can pull out for some cold or rainy day fun. My kids are active kids. I don’t just mean they are running around being kids, but they are active in that they always want to be doing something. They have active imaginations, active minds, and very active bodies.

Through my 10+ years of parenting we have done an activity or two. I haven’t shared them all here because I wouldn’t have enough time to actually do anything with my kids. Some of the fun kids activities that we enjoy doing are:

Painting – Painting doesn’t get limited to paint and paper around here, and paint brushes are often missing in action we’ll use anything laying around to paint from our fingers to Q-tips.

Boredom Busters – We all have moments where we just don’t want to entertain our kids, or want to get paint out. Guess what? That’s fine. Boredom leads to imaginative play. But sometime, in the middle of winter it can also lead to your kids bouncing off walls. I’ve shared some of the things we do to prevent that from happening too often.

Here you can find some great activities for kids. From the super simple, only require two things to those that are a bit more complicated, but just as much fun. I prefer the fun things that are less complicated and require less things, it makes it easier on the parent.

We also have simple and fun science experiments that you may want to check out too. There are some that are super easy and you can set them up in minutes for lot of fun.

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