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Forgetful Momma is a secular homeschooling and homemaking blog packed with secular homeschooling resources, homeschooling tips, homeschooling guides and solutions for parents, educators, Moms, Dads and homemakers. We help with all things homeschooling and educating young minds. More than just a secular homeschooling blog, Forgetful Momma is a home success management guidebook and resource that includes great recipes, kids activities, our favorite books, school supplies and tools we use to keep organized.

Our audience primarily consists of females and families with at least 1 child, a vast majority English speaking and living in the United States and Canada, between the ages of 25-45.  The website covers topics including homeschooling, recipes, kids activities and our homeschooling resources shop with helpful resources to assist in your educating and homemaking journey.

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