Guide to Successful Homeschooling

Deciding to homeschool can be really overwhelming, especially when you first start. I want to help take some of the stress away. I want you to enjoy your journey. I want you to have a successful homeschooling experience no matter how long your journey is.



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Guide to Successful Homeschooling

20 plus days of getting your homeschool ready for a successful year. No more feeling like you are failing your children or yourself. Not everyone’s journey through the years is going to look alike.

Even if you and your best friend start at the same time with the same curriculum, because our kids learn differently and might get excited about something different and you follow that interest for a week or two.

We cover all these amazing things:

  • Choose the right curriculum
  • Set realistic goals
  • Create a timetable
  • Organize your materials
  • Get creative with learning activities
  • Take breaks and have fun!

Each day will bring a practical and encouraging email to your inbox that is filled with ideas, resources, and a daily challenge to help you on your journey to successful homeschooling without stress.

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