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There are two reasons to make your own condiments: you forgot to pick up what you needed while at the store, or you want a healthier choice if possible. These condiment recipes can help get you started.

Do you love to cook and bake for your family? Or are you someone who only cooks because you have to feed your family and don’t want to order take-out every night? No matter which category you fall into, I have you covered with these family-friendly recipes.

I love to cook most of the time. I do not love to cook supper every night. Thankfully I married a man who also loves to cook so we can switch off when the need arises. And I’m now raising a child who enjoys cooking. We all love food, and when you love food, learning to cook is natural.

Over the past eight or so years since I started Forgetful Momma, I have been sharing recipes. It has honestly become my recipe book, just tonight I looked up the ingredients in my cheeseburger soup. I haven’t been adding them as often lately with my focus being on homeschooling but I am trying for one recipe a month now.

East Coast Donairs for the Win!

Condiment Recipes

Seasonings to Make Your Own

donair spice mix

Donair Spice Mix

This delicious donair spice mix is probably our favorite spice mix. We have been making it for a number of years, starting when we lived out west and could not find a good donair. You have to matters into your own hands right? And make your own. This donair spice mix is just what you …

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Sweet Donair Sauce

Sweet Donair Sauce Recipe

This is another amazingly easy, delicious condiment that screams East Coast of Canada. This is a sweet donair sauce recipe that we make occasionally. This one uses evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk. Sweet Donair Sauce Sometimes I forget what kind of milk we need, and I buy the wrong kind. Donair sauce is …

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Homemade Fajita Seasoning

Homemade Fajita Seasoning

There is just something about making your own recipes instead of having to go buy a mix to finish making supper. Knowing a recipe, or where to find a recipe, for your own seasonings is extremely helpful. This homemade fajita seasoning recipe is just one excellent example. Homemade Fajita Seasoning If you have been reading …

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Homemade Hot Sauce

Homemade Hot Sauce

Do you like hot spicy foods? I’m not usually a fan so I never buy hot sauce. Then Blake comes home one day raving about these buns he tried somewhere while he was working, and how he needed to trying making his own version of them, can you guess where this is going? It’s going …

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Homemade Steak Sauce

Making Homemade Steak Sauce

Steak sauce. I love me some steak sauce. While I love steak, well done, steak sauce is just the perfect touch, an extra boost of flavor. Homemade Steak sauce is just that much better. This recipe is simple, and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. Homemade Steak Sauce Just like most other condiments, I don’t …

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Homemade Donair Sauce

Easy Homemade Donair Sauce

We have been living in Saskatchewan for over three years now, that’s three years without the amazing food in Nova Scotia. Seafood, because eating it from a box just isn’t the same thing as fresh from the ocean. This donair sauce was a taste of home for many years and is so easy to make for …

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Condiment around up

Condiment Round Up

I have been adding condiments left, right, and center here lately. Why? there are a couple reasons behind it actually. I forget to buy them. This is the bulk of the problem They are expensive for what you get. They, sadly, expire. Now that I have shared a few, I think it is time that …

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Homemade Pizza Sauce

Homemade Pizza Sauce

My family loves pizza, any type of pizza: chicken pizza, pepperoni pizza, cheeseburger pizza, just about anything… with the exception of pineapple, we really don’t want that on our pizza or anything else. We make our own 90% of the time. We always cheese on hand, and flour for making the dough but as usual …

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