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Condiment Round Up

I have been adding condiments left, right, and center here lately. Why? there are a couple reasons behind it actually.

  1. I forget to buy them. This is the bulk of the problem
  2. They are expensive for what you get.
  3. They, sadly, expire.
Condiment around up

Now that I have shared a few, I think it is time that I add them to the recipe box. I’ll be honest, I use my site as my personal recipe box. I have some recipes scribbled on index/recipe cards but they seem to be missing some, some were originally just scribbled as I cooked so the only “hard” copy I have is here. So if I need to find them easily, I better make them easy for us all to find easily.

We have a delicious BBQ Sauce that I always use as an ingredient or in my slow cooker. I don’t grill, so while hubby has used this recipe for grilling we don’t use BBQ sauce all that often. We do more marinating and seasoning.

Making my own Teriyaki Sauce has saved a favorite freezer meal that I have been making (but haven’t shared, sorry). I don’t think I have ever bought teriyaki sauce…

I started making our Thousand Island dressing after I needed it for our Patty Melts and because I figure the moment I buy a bottle it was expire I’ll just keep on making it.

The ever popular, Stir Fry Sauce from scratch. I only use this recipe for our stir fry, chicken or beef, if doesn’t matter.

Check out the recipe box for more recipes, both condiments and everything else that I’ve shared.

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