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We all have moments where we just don’t want to entertain our kids, or want to get paint out. Guess what? That’s fine. Boredom leads to imaginative play. But sometime, in the middle of winter it can also lead to your kids bouncing off walls. I’ve shared some of the things we do to prevent that from happening too often.

Here you can find some great activities for kids. From the super simple, only require two things to those that are a bit more complicated, but just as much fun. I prefer the fun things that are less complicated and require less things, it makes it easier on the parent.

bored child with Boredom Busters for Your Sanity text overlay

Boredom Busters for Your Sanity

Nothing angers a homeschool mom more than when he hears the phrase “I am bored”, or  “I don’t know what to do”. After all, homeschooling is all about developing skills and expertise that can be applied in all areas of life. Here are some boredom busters to save your sanity. *This post contains affiliate links see …

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July Activity Calendar Mockup with text overlay

July Activity Calendar

Let’s make this summer a great one. No more trying to find something fun to do with your kids each day if you are looking to keep busy. This July activity calendar is just what you need for a month of fun that you don’t have to plan. July Activity Calendar One activity a day, …

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Calm Activities for Younger Kids kids doing yoga pinterest image with text overlay

Calm Activities for Younger Kids

Homeschooling when you have younger kids can be tricky. Finding calm activities for them to do while you work with your school-aged kids is one way to make things easier on yourself without sticking them in front of a screen the whole and then hating yourself. Calm Activities for Younger Kids Your toddler keeps bouncing …

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Cornstarch Fun Round Up

Cornstarch Fun Round Up

We have a lot of fun with cornstarch in our house. I am always looking new ways to to have fun with my kids, and of course prefer when I already have everything in our cupboards. Cornstarch Fun Round Up Cornstarch alone can be… messy, its silky soft and flies everywhere when spilled, or even worse, …

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