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Learning to Dance at Home with YouDance

Years ago my girls were in ballet classes. They loved the dancing aspect, but they didn’t love performing in front of an audience. YouDance takes away all that fear and lets us enjoy learning to dance at home in comfort.

kids dancing in front of tv with text overlay

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Learning to Dance at Home with YouDance

Physical education doesn’t always rank in the high importance of planning in our homeschool. My kids are active without having to force it, other than telling them to run around outside instead of in the house.

It’s nice to have a plan that we can follow. Something that my kids look forward to, and want to do. Do you know what else is nice? I can do it with them!

kids dancing in front of tv with text overlay was created because they wanted everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy dancing, no matter his or her schedule. is a safe place for kids to learn dance. No ads, no way to click into something you don’t want your kids having access to (unlike YouTube).

With you will learn proper dance techniques, pick up choreography faster, strengthen rhythm, improve endurance & strength, increase flexibility & become more coordinated. has 1,000+ easy-to-follow videos and quizzes.

The quizzes and practice center help you learn at your own pace and points help track your progress.

Types of Dance Offered at

  • Hip Hop
  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Clogging
  • Jazz
  • Kids Dance Along
  • Dance For Exercise
dance program on tv

One child could start on the beginner Ballet and it will track the progress, then another child could start on Hip Hop and track the progress. Then they could switch or pick another level or style when they are ready. Lots of flexibility

What You Need to Know about YouDance

  • videos range from 2 to 20 minutes
  • it’s for all levels of dancers
  • pass a quiz at the end of each level to know you can move on! is a great, safe place for kids to learn a new skill. Kids are able to do it on their own, giving busy homeschooling parents a break in the day. This is a super affordable physical education option for your homeschool. $25/month or discounted at $180/year, free trial automatically applied to all who sign up.

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