Beating the Heat with Young Kids

Last summer was a hot one! And I’m sure this one will be no different, being as we live in the prairies. Instead of wasting wishes, I’m finding ways for beating the heat with our kids. Having fun, staying cool, and enjoying the summer weather… before the cold of winter hits.

beating the heat with young kids

Beating the Heat with Young Kids

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Last year we were living in a rented house, with no air conditioner and a living room without opening windows. Add in 38°C temperatures and we were HOT! The girls were old enough to understand that there really wasn’t much Momma and Dadda could do about the heat, but poor Gauge didn’t understand, he just knew it was hot, and everyone was getting cranky (from a lack of sleep and being over heated).

Get wet!

  • Water guns are a great way to cool down
  • Puddle jumping. Yes, jump in a puddle, young kids love it, the key to this one is getting wet
  • Water balloon fight (sponges take the place of water balloons nicely)
  • Plastic bowls of water for young ones to splash in


I give ice a category all on its own because it’s different than water.

  • Toys frozen in ice blocks
  • juice or apple sauce ice pops to snack on
  • Ice cubes in the pool – make them extra special by added food coloring

Things to Make

  • Ice cream in a bag
  • Make ice chalk to melted drawing fun
  • Ice pops – let your kids choose some fruit to freeze in molds

Ways We Cool Down:

  • kiddie pool in the back yard
  • sprinkler (even this Momma will run through it)
  • freezies – what summer is complete without them?
  • cool baths before bed
  • trips to the public wadding pool
  • eating cool/cold meals – salad almost everyday with our supper

This year we do have AC but we’re still spending lots of time outside. Hot weather started early in May this year. We have been spending time outside in the shade of trees on blankets for quiet reading time, for drawing, etc.

 How do you keep cool in the summer heat?

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