Apple Sauce Ice Pops

This is my kids favorite summer time treat, or, at least their favorite summer time treat that is healthy yet seems unhealthy. These apple sauce ice pops are just the thing to beat heat with a cool treat.

Moms, you can be happy that your kids are having a healthy cool treat today.

apple sauce ice pops

Apple Sauce Ice Pops

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I buy these boxes of apple sauce at Costco, in fact my daughter pointed out these box last week as we were shopping because she wanted some of these ice pops.

apple sauce ice pops

I picked up these molds, they are bigger than our “normal” ones but they work great, in fact, they come back less often. It takes a single cup to fill each of these molds.

apple sauce ice pops

As you can see, I like to divide the flavor when making them. My kids go crazy for them! You don’t have to feel bad about giving them to your kids, because these are unsweetened. It’s fruit. It’s cold. Momma’s sit down and enjoy one with your kids.

Plus, your kids can make them. They’ll definitely enjoy eating them.

apple sauce ice pops

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