The education that you can get from books is amazing. A library education works the best for our family, and can work for yours a well. A library card is free after all and perfect for all [homeschooling] budgets. As long as you don’t get late fees, or lose a book of course.

It’s no secret that we are library lovers. We visit the library each and every week. It’s the place to go that opens up new worlds, worlds that we can’t reach without leaving home for a long period of time. Worlds that no longer exist (dinosaurs). Worlds that simply don’t exist outside of books.

library education

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Library Education

Just because you think books when you think library, don’t forget about to DVDs, audio books, and more as well. My now seven year old, loves documentaries. This is a great way for her to watch them as we’re Canadian and our Netflix is limited on the child friendly documentaries.

Texts / Workbooks

Did you know that you can find education workbooks at the library? While you can’t write in them, you can see if it’s something that you want to purchase. This is something I do a lot! Not just for workbooks, but also for books I think my kids may be interested in but I want to make sure first.

You can also find text books. Instead of buying them new, or even used, borrow them instead, and once you are finished with it you don’t have to worry about storing it.


These are becoming more popular. Its a great way to get people to come into the libraries. What is a makerspace? They are a creative area, often with 3-D printers, more advanced software for being creative. They also have hands on creative materials for young children.


A lot of libraries often story times for different age groups. Stories, crafts, and socialization (a dreaded word, am I right homeschoolers?) all in an hour or two time frame. Plus a great way to get into the library and introduce your young children to the environment.


The best thing about the library is the books. Encourage your child to read as much as possible. Raising readers, opening the world up to them. Let them have all the knowledge they can read.

There is nothing like the magic of a that a book holds. Libraries hold that magic whether at home, the public or school. A library education doesn’t cost a thing. Knowledge really shouldn’t cost, and with a library card in hand, it doesn’t have to.


Some libraries offer the ability to access Rosetta Stone, ours offers magazines online and for offline reading. We have access to other websites e-books, and e-magazines through subscriptions the library pays for.

library education

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