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Our Favourite Classic Books

As a child I liked to be read a bed time story, and now Austin does too. It is our down time, and makes for an easier bedtime routine if she knows there is a story waiting at the end. My favorite part of our story time would be that the stories that are her favorite books were my favorites as a child as well.

our favorite books

Our Favorite Book

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Berenstain Bears

Berenstain Bears

Who doesn’t love a good Berenstain Bear book? These were my all time favorite as a child and still are and I love how much my kids likes them too. You can buy their DVDs.

Little Critter

Little Critter

Little Critter (Mercer Mayer) books are fun. Austin wasn’t very old when her Great Grandmother gave her one of the books that was Hubby’s from when he was young. These books are great for beginner readers too as the stories aren’t long, the words are easy to ready and there aren’t a lot of words on a page to overwhelm.

Dr Seuess

Green Eggs and Ham

We, sadly don’t have many Dr Seuss books, but we have a few, including the one pictured above. I do tend to borrow them from the library though. They are great beginner read books, repetitive, after all Green Eggs and Ham was written using only 50 words.

Robert Munsch

Love You Forever

Robert Munsch, who doesn’t love these books? They are silly and fun to read. While they tend to be a little long to read they are repetitive, it fact just seeing the cover of Mortimer has the kids song in my head, and I can’t remember the last time we read that one was.

Needless to say, we have a lot of books, and these are only the amazing “classics ones. Not including the counting, ABC’s, Dora the Explorer and other books that they also have.

I am a big fan of reading, I can dive into one and stay for hours, if my kids are sleeping. Role modeling reading is almost as important as reading to your children. Most children want to be big and do things like Mom and Dad.

Does your family have favorites that they like to read?


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