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I love reading. Picking up a book, dividing into another world. I enjoy all types of books both fiction, non-fiction. I want my children to have a love of reading as I do, so I have always had huge selection of beginner books for them.

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Beginner Books for Kids

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My kids love looking at books, which is step one in getting kids reading and having a love for reading.

Going to the library for us is like going to the candy store without the tummy ache later.

As my oldest was learning to read I learned that the early readers aren’t necessarily early readers. Some books that I loved as a child, and my children love, are perfect for learning to read however, and just might help your early reader get on the right track.

Some tips beginning reader books:

  • books of interest; topics that they are interested in (ie: Barbies, Heros)
  • what time of day is your child most alert, but not too active – not when they are falling asleep
  • correct reading level – if its too hard they’ll be discouraged and not want to try

Some of our favorite beginner books for kids are:

Little Critter by Mercer Mayer We have so many Little Critter books, including one that was Hubby’s as a child. These books tend to have smaller sentences and only one or two per page.

We don’t have as many Dr Seuss books as I’d like. But we do have a number of them, and have been getting more. Blake’s favorite is Hop on Pop. Dr Seuss books are repetitive and fun, which makes them perfect for kids. to learn to read with.

I Can Read Books

The Berenstain Bears book tend to be a little long with a lot words to read, but these I Can Read beginner books are shortened versions of the popular books, one or two sentences per page, with larger print. With 12 different books in the set. There are also Berenstain Bears I Can Read level 1 books.

Personally we love these book sets, they have each have one book based on a specific sound. Really repetitive. They are also great for building confidence in reading for those who struggle. We have also found some more of these great I Can Read Books:

It’s not all about knowing the words in the book to read it, its also about understanding and taking it in while reading it. We sound through the sentence once, and then read through it to make sure we understand what is happening.

A fun way to make sure your child(ren) understand what the book was about is to draw a picture once finished. It could be a picture of any part of the book. Here we draw our favorite part.

Recommended Children’s Beginner Books

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