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Books for your Homeschool: Digital or Print

I have been a print book girl forever, first, there weren’t digital books but even now, I’m more of a printed book fan. As we continue along in our homeschool journey, I am seeing the benefits of using digital books in our homeschool.

Digital or Printed Books

Books for your Homeschool: Digital or Print

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Print and digital books both have a place in our homeschool. They each have their place, just like audiobooks. We have been using audiobooks for a couple of years now and love them. They make read-aloud so much better.

Books for your Homeschool: Print

We, of course, have been using print books in our homeschool since before we were homeschooling. We have shelves upon shelves of books. Having used BookShark for the past couple of years, we have a great selection of books for science, language arts, and history.

There is just something about holding a book in your hands that you don’t get with audiobooks or ebooks.

Books for your Homeschool: Digital

This year when our kids got their new tablets for Christmas I introduced them to the joy that is digital books. Or I should say the joy of being able to have a book right away instead of driving to the library to get it. My girls love them.

We are also using the free Kindle app to emails from Amazon. I use BookBub to find great FREE books for them and myself.

In our homeschool we are going to be doing a more digital independent reading for the girls, besides the obvious benefit of not having to store the books, we also have the benefit of being able to take more books everywhere we go.

But what about Audiobooks?

You have print books, you have ebooks, but what about audiobooks? We only use them when traveling, or at least the kids and I do. My husband listens to them all the time while traveling for work.

Sometimes you just don’t want to read one more book out loud to your children. Yes, you love them and want them to hear amazing books but you just don’t want to read out loud.

Audiobooks are a great addition to your homeschool. Amazon’s Audible has a great selection.

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