Raising Readers in Your Home

I have not always been a reader, I loved being read to as a child, then in my late-teens I fell back in love with books. I want my children to love books, always. You can tell when walking into my home that I am raising readers.

Raising Readers

Raising Readers

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We are reaching the point of not having enough room for the books we have. We have books everywhere.

Read to Young Readers

I think the biggest step in raising readers would be to read to them. Let them see you reading. Encourage them to “read” from the time they are young. I often tell my kids to go read/look at books.

They will start picking up on words when reading with you, and looking at books on their own.

You can read any where. The backyard. The car. At the park.

Books for the Whole Family

If you want to raise readers , have books for them. We have cardboard books from the time they were infants. Once they get older, having easy readers is key. Books that they are interested in. My girls get books on all topics that interest them, the other day Austin brought home a book on birds.

how to raise readers

Take Young Readers to the Library

Visit the library. Let them pick out books that spark their interest, even if you don’t think they’ll like it, even if you know they can’t read at that level. Just having the words/book is a step.

We big fans of our local library, our librarian is an amazing woman, my kids often call her Nana/Gramma. We’re there at least once a week, if not more often. We always leave with books, all four of us (hubby is usually working wen we go).

We occasionally stop at other libraries when we go grocery shopping or such. My kids love visiting new libraries and checking out what they have, I love it too. What’s not to love about finding new books?

What to Read:

Other Ways to Encourage when Raising Readers

Limit screen time – my kids watch TV, play video games, and go on our computers. But it is somewhat limited. If they are bored, my first response is to read a book. Then, go play with your toy.

Children’s magazines.

Listen to audiobooks – Amazon has a great selection of audible books – some are free!

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