Cozy Reading Days on Cold Winter Days

After seven years of living in Saskatchewan we are back in the Maritime’s and there are a lot more rainy, gloomy days here than we are used to. We just wanna curl up and have cozy reading days when the sun isn’t shiny. There is something about a good book on winter days that makes everything better.

Cozy Reading Days

Cozy Reading Days on Cold Winter Days

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Pillows and Blankets

Pile up the pillows and blankets and make yourself a nice, comfy cozy “fort” space to spend the day reading. You pile them up on the floor, as my kids like to do, or pile them up on the couch or in a chair as a I prefer to do.

Have everyone grab their sleeping bag and a pillow and lay in front of the fire reading. You just might get a relaxing nap there too.

Light a Fire

We have an electric fireplace that is perfect for reading and drinking hot chocolate, tea or coffee in front of. We don’t have to turn the heat on, just the lights of the flames is enough to make it feel super cozy while you read. Though it is nice to have the heat on just a little sometimes to make it feel even more cozy.

Hot Chocolate and Snacks

Hot chocolate and treats make everything better. Bake cookies and eat them hot from the oven. Nothing is as great as curling up on pillows, drinking hot chocolate and snacking on cookies.

Read Aloud

While curling up together to read books yourself is pleasant on a grey afternoon, don’t forget how great it is to listen to stories together. Pull out your current read aloud or turn on an audio book.

Invite Friends Over

Instead inviting friends over to the park invite them over for a cozy reading afternoon at home. Have them bring sleeping bags, pillows, and favorite books share. This is a great time to pull out some fresh baked cookies or muffins to have as a treat as well.

Cozy Reading Days on Cold Winter Days
Cozy Reading Days on Cold Winter Days