Why AudioBooks Totally Count for Reading

Sometimes you just don’t want to read one more book out loud to your children. Yes, you love them and want them to hear amazing books but you just don’t want to read out loud. Or maybe you’re sick and you have the sorest throat going. Audiobooks are the best thing in a homeschool. Have you tried them yet?

Why AudioBooks Totally Count for Reading

Why AudioBooks Totally Count for Reading

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Like I said, sometimes you just don’t want to read out loud anymore. I can only read so many novels out loud to my kids, day after day, month after month.

Audiobooks for Homeschooling on the Go

Audiobooks are the best think for getting your reading in while on the go, no one is walking away, or playing with something instead of sitting down and listening. 

When you combine a book with an audiobook, your child can read along independently, which will improve your child’s decoding skills, which is a great reading strategy when reading a book without audio assistance.

What exactly is decoding skills? Decoding skills are the ability to apply knowledge of letter-sound relationship and letter patterns to pronounce words.

Audiobooks Benefits

It saves time! Lunchtime is an excellent time for listening to a book. We are all sitting around the table together eating and listening to one of our favorite books.

You know what else audiobooks save? Space! Books have taken over my house to the point of needing more bookshelves in a house that already has six bookshelves.

Books including audiobooks can also improve critical listening skills. Not everyone is a visual learner too, something I have trouble with because I am a visual learner.

Audiobooks can help the child who might be discouraged by the length or genre of a book.

Audiobooks can come in handy when you have multiple children in different levels. Moms can only read so much to her children before running out of time, and energy for language arts. It saves also helps save your voice and eyes in the long run, you can only read so much before you get tired dry eyes.

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