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How We Do Read Aloud in Our Homeschool

I love reading, although I hated it as a child, and I think because of that, have always read to my kids, and encouraged them to read whatever they wanted. I want my kids to love reading as much as I do. I haven’t always done planned read aloud in our homeschool. It’s something new that we are doing this year and has been a great addition to it. We love books already after all.

How We Do Read Aloud in Our Homeschool

How We Do Read Aloud in Our Homeschool

*This post is part of a series of posts that I have been writing in exchange for receiving BookShark curriculum. My opinions are 100% honest at all times.*

Why have I added read aloud to our homeschool routine this year? Because BookShark Reading with History includes some amazing books, and the schedule in which to read them. They make it simple to plan for, and fun with interesting books.

How We Do Read Aloud in Our Homeschool

BookShark provides you with a base schedule that you can choose to follow as you like. My favorite part of the history schedule is the read aloud part. They tell you which book to read, how much to read each day. They also provide you with the books too so no fear of not having the book you need when you need it.

We start each school morning with reading now. It has been a lovely, slow and relaxing way to get our days started. All of us sit together on the sofa to read a chapter or two. No more jumping right into math or spelling. Easing into school in the morning or the afternoon is more our style now.


What happens when you just don’t want to read anymore or your kids are tired of hearing your voice? Audiobooks. In fact, after a few books, that’s what I decided to grab. Instead of me reading Henry Huggins I requested it in audiobook form from the library for us to all listen to. And because listening to Neil Patrick Harris read it is much better than listening to my own voice.

First thing in the morning only, we can listen during the drive to the library or to get groceries. A perfect use for an otherwise boring drive of just listening to the radio.

The Reading with History 1 curriculum comes with a number of great read aloud books, a whole school year of them. So far we have read Charlotte’s Web (our favorite without a doubt), Little Pear, and Owls in the Family which was awesome in part because it takes place in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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