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Homeschooling During the Christmas Holidays

Some homeschoolers choose to take the month of December off instead of homeschooling. Some, like us, choose to continue school as normal leading up to Christmas. There is no wrong way to homeschool, or not homeschool, during the Christmas holidays. The holidays can be stressful for your kids too, so lightening the work load isn’t wrong, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Homeschooling During the Christmas Holidays

Homeschooling During the Christmas Holidays

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Christmas Around the World

Last year we stopped all formal homeschool lessons and spent time instead learning about Christmas around the world. We did language arts and a lot of reading this way, while learning about history and geography as well.

Christmas Worksheets

Not everyone does worksheets, but there are a lot of Christmas themed worksheets that you can find on Pinterest.


Audiobooks provide great homeschooling opportunities for any holiday travel you may have coming up. Or even just a fun way to sit at home and listen to Christmas stories at home. Audible is a great option for listing to books, plus your local library probably has a great selection to choice from as well.


Baking is a fun way to incorporate math into your holiday homeschooling and have quality family time too! You can make some goodies and then deliver them to neighbors, friends and family.

Movie Nights

Movie Nights can be filled with learning opportunities! Whether you choose to read a work of literature first and then watch the movie and compare them or have fun creating crafts, food and fun activities that coordinate with the movie you’re watching, change up your family movie night during the holidays and make it educationally fun!

More Fun Ideas

  • reading classics and Christmas stories together around a fire with hot chocolate
  • writing letters, making Christmas cards and sending them
  • buying and wrapping gifts
  • field trips to tree farms, etc.

How are you homeschooling during the Christmas holidays?