Charlotte’s Web – Watercolor Web

This year we’re using BookShark Reading with History as I have mentioned before, which comes with some really great read aloud books. We’re just finished with Charlotte’s Web, a favorite of mine from growing up. To add a little more Charlotte’s Web to our day, we did this watercolor web as an art project.

Charlotte’s Web – Watercolor Web

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To start off our Charlotte’s Web webs, I started off my making a spider web on paper with a marker. I used a Sharpie to prevent the marker from running with water. Make you web look however you want, each one of ours was just a little different.

Charlotte's Web - Watercolor Web

Grab your favorite water colors, paint brushes, and some water. You may also want to cover your painting surface. We used homemade watercolors because I hadn’t thought this one out ahead of time. Use regular paint if you like as well.

I love seeing how each child paints their web. They each have their our outcome in mind. Or they are just about seeing how much paint they can get on their paper.

Charlotte's Web - Watercolor Web

Our finished pieces are hanging in our half bath in these awesome artwork frames that I bought years ago. It keeps their art displayed and the art in our home changing.

You’re child can draw (or paint) on a spider, or make their own “miracle” in the web with wording of their choice once the paint dries.

Have you read Charlotte’s Web with your kids? It was a hit for all of us. And then we watched the movies too. First the older one, made in 1973 (which is the only one I had seen prior to this) and then the 2006 version which you can watch on Amazon Prime video.  I love reading the book and then watching the movie, both with my kids and on my own.

Charlotte’s Web – Watercolor Web

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