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2022 Ultimate List of Secular Homeschool Curriculum

The 2022 Ultimate List of Secular Homeschool Curriculum is a compilation of the top curricula that can be used to teach students without religion. The list includes both secular and non-religious curriculums, and it is designed for students of all ages.

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List of Secular Curriculum

My focus of course also is those that are available to Canadians, because that is where I reside, and if you thought it was hard to find a secular curriculum in general, try finding a secular homeschool curriculum that isn’t American.

I am trying to break it down within an all-in-one curriculum, and then into different subjects. I will also try my best to keep this up to date, adding or removing it as need be.

Buying Options:

These links lead directly to the publisher or owner’s website. These may be the best prices you can find. However, I would urge you to research titles thoroughly, and when you have made your decision check for programs available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op and for homeschool curriculum books on Amazon to find deals.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum by Subject:

Secular Social Studies & History

The Canadian Homeschooler
Hands-On History. Timeline of Canada. Canadian Adventure – interactive, virtual trip across Canada. And more!

Northwoods Press – Donna Ward
Donna desires to bring you living history through exciting and authentic resources with a commitment to quality and excellence.

History Books for Canadians:
Black History Month Books
Books About Canada

History Quest
With the right approach, an elementary history curriculum can be a rich, engaging, and immersive experience for young children. This program (chapter book plus study guide) offers captivating stories and engaging activities to help you bring the story of humankind to life.

Enjoy a very broad overview of world history and explore the way people ate, dressed, and lived throughout the centuries. On this exciting tour of world cultures, history, and geography, you and your children will have fun and learn together.

Curiosity Chronicles
Books are written as a back-and-forth dialogue between our main characters, Ted and Mona. The dialogue format allows us to present alternative views and compete for historical facts. They have a similar style to Grammar Galaxy.

Learn more about the secular social studies curriculum and secular history curriculum here.

Secular Language Arts, Writing, and Grammar Curriculum

Night Zookeeper
Night Zookeeper is your online writing tool, class blog, and library of interactive lessons. They also have books available that introduce children to a world of endless possibilities and provide the inspiration for much of the creativity that is produced on the website.

All About Learning Press
Offers courses in reading and spelling for preschool through grade 7.

Blossom and Root
Currently K-3 with 4th grade coming in 2020. A secular, nature-based program that includes language arts, nature study, and art.

Essentials in Writing
Writing, literature, and online classes for ages 6 through high school. Shopping for Canadian homeschoolers.

Grammar Galaxy
A workbook-based program where students solve problems through space “missions.” Note: you will see a dedication to God in these books, but the rest of the material and educational content is secular. You can read a review of this curriculum here.

JacKris Publishing
Soaring with Spelling, Winning with Writing, Growing with Grammar, and Digging into Diagramming. Grammar, spelling, and writing curriculum for grades 1-8. For Canadian homeschoolers.

Logic of English
Offers reading, phonics, spelling, and handwriting instruction for ages 4-7 with a second package for struggling readers ages 8 and up.

WriteShop Primary and Junior
Kindergarten through 6th-grade writing curriculum.

Learn more about secular language arts, writing, and grammar curriculum here.

Secular Reading and Phonics Curriculum

Barton Reading and Spelling System
A great tutoring system for children, teenagers, or adults who struggle with spelling, reading, and writing due to dyslexia or learning disabilities.

Explode the Code
Phonics workbooks for direct phonics instruction.

Hooked on Phonics
Learn to Read is an award-winning program that has helped over 5 million kids become confident readers.

Progressive Phonics
Free reading program for primary grades.

Learn more about secular reading and phonics curriculum here.

Secular Math Curriculum

Teaching Textbooks
Complete online math courses for roughly grades 3 and up. The placement test is given to set the initial level. You can read our review here, we have been loving TT for two years so far.

RightStart Math
An elementary and middle school math program that focuses on kinesthetic and visual learning with manipulatives including the AL Abacus. You can read our reviews here and here.

AoPS Academy (Art of Problem Solving)
Middle and high school math offers text and online courses.

Beast Academy
Comic book-based math instruction for kids 8-13. Book and online interactive programs are available.

CTC Math
Online math program for K-12. This is great for kids that need to learn at their own pace. We have used this and liked it.

Math Mammoth
Complete math curriculum for grades 1-7.

Miquon Math Lab Materials
Hands-on curriculum for grades 1-3.

Saxon Math
An integrated approach to math that includes step-by-step instruction, lessons, and practice for grades kindergarten through advanced high school.

Singapore Math
Curriculum for pre-k through 8th grade based on the Singapore method.

Learn more about secular math curriculum here.

Secular Science Curriculum and Programs

Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU)
BFSU is for homeschoolers to deliver a first-rate science education to K-8 students and older beginning science learners. Vol. I (here) is for grades K-2 and older beginning science learners.

Classic Science Curriculum, Mr. Q
High school science includes (free) Life Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Physical Science, Advanced Chemistry, Advanced Biology, Advanced Earth Science, and Advanced Physical Science.

Real Science Odyssey
Each of their science courses spans a range of grade levels, the content can be modified based on your student’s academic needs.

The Story of Science by Joy Hakim
A set of texts where narrative storytelling meets secular science, these are great for high school science and language arts studies.

Fascinating Education
Students get to understand science concepts instead of just memorizing them. Using images and narration to explain difficult concepts. You can find our review here.

Doctor Robin’s School
Dr. Robin created this curriculum after she realized, as a homeschool mom herself, that there was no biology curriculum out there that didn’t require the parent to learn the curriculum material first before teaching it. You can find our review here.

Mr. D Math – 3 Levels of ASL
This is are self-paced courses. The video lessons are engaging and fun for students. They have worksheets, coloring pages, and more fun activities to help their learning! You can find our review here.

Science books for your homeschool:
Teaching Evolution

Learn more about secular science curriculum and programs here.

Foreign Language Curriculum

Language learning app that features short lessons and games in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, and Czech. Free program with ads or upgrade to Plus to remove ads.

Rosetta Stone
Packages include complete courses in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Greek, Polish, and more. Choose from 6 months, 12 months, and lifetime access.

Time4Languages from Time4Learning
English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Latin, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Hebrew.

Other Programs for Homeschoolers

Typesy Homeschool Typing Lessons
Finding a program that is fun and engaging is important and where Typesy homeschool typing lessons come in. They check all the boxes we need.

Typing Lessons
We have been using this free program.

Allschool Online Classes for Homeschooling

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