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Afternoon Homeschool Schedule

Have you thought about maybe doing your lessons in the afternoon instead of in the morning? An afternoon homeschool schedule might be the answer to some of your morning homeschool struggles. Homeschool in the afternoon allows for slow, quiet mornings.

Afternoon Homeschool Schedule

Why is Homeschooling in the Afternoon Better for Us?

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I first read about homeschooling in the afternoon I thought it was an interesting read. I want you to believe me when I say I had no predesigned ideas about what I excepted our school days would be like, or even what a day would look like.

We’ve tried homeschooling in the morning, and still have days, where I know, getting it done and out of the way first thing in the morning is best. But most days, we’re better off waiting until the afternoon.

Energy Level is Calmer

My kids have a lot of energy like any other child. It’s better to get that energy out in the morning, have them play and run around the yard than fight to sit down and get work done.

Concentrating on math is hard when all you want to do is run around the backyard.

Afternoon Homeschool Schedule

Mom is More Focused in the Afternoon

I’m more focused later in the morning, early afternoon. In the morning, even before my kids are up, I’m working. Then by the time we’ve had breakfast, I just wanna relax and play with my kids.

We have a chance to get outside for playtime or walk together. All learning, just not structured learning.

We Homeschool in the Afternoon

We can go anywhere we want in the morning, the science centers, museums, our local skating rink, these places are basically empty while kids are in public school. Making it the best time for us homeschoolers to explore and learn.

As homeschoolers, we have the freedom to learn when it suits us when it meshes with our schedule for learning. We are very relaxed homeschoolers.

How do I decide on whether we’re doing school in the morning or in the afternoon?

I can feel it in the air. Someone can feel the rain coming in their bones? I can feel when we’re going to be banging our heads against the wall or things are going to flow. It didn’t take long to get a feel for it. Just listen to your child, you’ll figure it out!

Morning or afternoon, when you choose to do school work, is completely up to you and your child and what works for your family. Maybe evenings work better for any number of reasons, including parents’ work schedule.

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