Best Jobs for Homeschool Moms

I recently shared ways that homeschool moms can make money from home, but I also wanted to share jobs for homeschool moms can do from home and still earn an income, not just gift cards or pocket change.

Best Jobs for homeschool moms - mom with girl child

Best Jobs for Homeschool Moms

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I tried really hard to find sources of income that have flexible hours of work, where you can work as much or as little as you’d like as well. Most of the options are available everywhere, so hopefully you can find something for you.

At Home Job for Homeschool Moms

Virtual Assistant – you can take skills you may have used in your job before staying home and offer them to bloggers, small or large business owners. This includes working on social media sites where you might already be spending time, why not get paid to be there.

In-home Daycare/Childcare – You can earn pretty good money depending on where you are live and how many children you are able to take care of by providing childcare in your home.

I lack the management skills to get everything done (lessons) everyday, and I’m not good at be “stuck” home. Which is something very important to consider. We love being able to go to the library in the middle of the day which this option prevents.

Teaching Online – one of the most popular sites I see other homeschool moms mention is VipKid, which is teaching English online. You do need a bachelor’s degree however, which is why I am not using this option.

Freelancing – If you enjoy writing it is a great job to get into. The hours are flexible, and the pay can be quite good. I’ve done this in the past and have enjoyed it.

Customer Service – Many companies require remote customer service representatives, from major retail companies to the medical, financial, educational fields, and more. Indeed is a great place to look for these jobs.

Out of Home Job for Homeschool Moms

If you are looking to get out of your home there are still more jobs that you can find to fit your schedule.

Dog Sit or Dog Walking – I haven’t done this, but I have never lived in an area where there was a need. There is an app (US only, sorry) called Rover that allows you to watch dogs, walk dogs or even just drop in and let them out to go potty! You choose when you work, what you earn and what dogs you work with!

Uber Driver – Uber might be one of the most flexible part time jobs to make money while homeschooling. You can literally start working whenever you want. There is no set schedule.

Best Jobs for homeschool moms - mom working on computer

UberEATS – deliver food instead of people! It offers just as much flexibility as Uber but there is a lot less customer service.

Care Homes – It seems like there is always a need for workers in care homes that are willing to work in the evenings and night shift. It can be hard to get enough sleep to avoid burn out, but it is always an option.

There are a lot of great ways for a homeschooling mom to earn income whether it is to completely support her family, or help out with expenses or to cover the extras that she wants for her family.

Best Jobs for homeschool moms

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