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We’re going on our fifth year of our homeschool, and we are really loving it. It has been the best move for our family that we could have made. This year we are homeschooling grades 1, 3, and 5.

We often have people ask why we chose to homeschool. We did not set out planning to homeschool when it came time for our oldest to start school. Instead she did go to public school for one year. But it was not a fit. She wasn’t happy. I wasn’t happy with the school.

Her we are five years later. Happily homeschooling our three children and I finally feel like I know what I am doing, for the most part at least. And we’re going to keep on going.

Over the past five years I have been writing about our journey including:

Homeschool curriculum – boxed curriculum, our eclectic curriculum choices, and everything in between.

Science experiments – the experiments we do to go along with our curriculum and those that we do for fun.

Homeschool helps – these are the articles I wrote to help you. To help you stay on track. To help you keep going when you feel like quitting. To help you get more organized. And to help you have a little more you time.

Here I have compiled any and all homeschool related posts here on my site. If there is something specific you are looking for, use the search either to the right (on desktop) or all the way at the bottom (on mobile).

10+ Essential Homeschool Items

For parents who are new to homeschooling, it can be daunting to try and figure out what materials and items you need to successfully homeschool your child. However, there are really only a few essential homeschool items that you need to get started. *This post contains affiliate links, see my privacy policy for more information.* …

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Free Unit Studies for Homeschool

Free unit studies make it easy to follow an interest-led learning approach in our homeschool. Plus, they’re perfect for getting everyone involved and building a strong family connection. You can weave together so many different subjects and topics with a great unit study too! Free Unit Studies for Homeschool Although there are many curriculum options …

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FREE Secular Homeschooling Websites

There are now dozens of secular homeschooling websites, offering everything from curriculum advice to support groups to printable resources. This means that there is something out there for every family. These are some great secular homeschooling websites that I have found in my search for free online resources for homeschooling on a budget. *This post may …

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When There’s No Homeschool Room

A homeschool room isn’t always practical or even wanted. So how do you homeschool without a homeschool room? Homeschooling takes storage. That is something that I didn’t really think about when I decided to fall down the rabbit trail into homeschool, curriculum takes space. Homeschooling When There’s No Homeschool Room We do not have a …

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Introducing Novel Studies in Your Homeschool

We are always looking for new and interesting ways to keep our kids engaged in learning. Novel studies can be a great addition to any homeschool. They provide an opportunity for kids to dive deep into a story and learn about the characters, setting, and plot. Introducing Novel Studies in Your Homeschool My kids are …

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7 Great Kids YouTube Channels

As a parent, you want to make sure that the content your kids are consuming is not only entertaining but also educational. There are a number of Kids YouTube channels created specifically for kids. These channels feature a variety of fun and educational content that your kids are sure to love. *This post contains affiliate …

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Did You Know This About Teaching Textbooks?

We have been using Teaching Textbooks for a few years now. They have changed things through the years and the changes have been amazing. There are a few things about Teaching Textbooks that you might not know about … Did You Know This About Teaching Textbooks? I am not a math person. I don’t enjoy …

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