BookShark Science 1 Curriculum for 6-8 Year Olds

We are science lovers. We love making and doing science experiments. I admit I was nervous about getting an actual science curriculum for fear of losing that aspect, but we’ve still gave it a go. BookShark Science has to be one of my kids most looked forward to subjects now. I look forward to it too because I’m learning with them.

BookShark Science Curriculum

BookShark Science 1 Curriculum for 6-8 Year Olds

*This is a sponsored post, meaning that we received this curriculum in order to share it with you.*

We are using the BookShark Science 1 which is for kids aged 6-8 (my girls perfectly this year). BookShark is a literature-based curriculum, and if you have followed me on Instagram or read some pasts posts here, then you know we are big fans of books, which is probably the reason we love BookShark so much. There are a number of great books included in this curriculum, plus a DVD, science kit, and of course the parent guide.

The parent guide has the curriculum spread out of 36 weeks, four days a week just like the Reading with History 1 curriculum, a day off to do other things. We aren’t actually doing it that way. And it’s perfectly fine, the guide actually says that it is just a suggestion, make it work for you. We do science twice a week, one day for the reading and worksheets (basically Monday-Wednesday of their schedule), and the next day is all about the hands-on experiments.

One thing I quickly want to mention is that it is a secular curriculum.

The full list of books and what’s included:

Pasteur’s Fight Against Microbes
First Encyclopedia of the Human Body
Science Activities, Volume 1
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks
Why Do People Eat?
The Usborne World of Animals Science 1 Instructor’s Guide
Science Supplies Kit 1
Discover & Do, Level 1 (DVD)

We love the books, my oldest has been reading through them since they arrived in July. We love sitting down together on the couch each Tuesday and Thursday (our science days) and reading through the pages before either a) watching a copy linked videos to learn more, b) doing the worksheets, c) watching the DVD, or d) getting hands-on and doing the experiments.

Such as this quick video I had shared on Instagram one day.

BookShark Science Level E Review - books

What are your kids actually going to learn

BookShark science includes basic introductory studies fields such as meteorology, biology, electricity, soil science, astronomy, physiology, and hydrology. All the things that my kids are actually interested in, and are presented in a way that keeps their attention.

Children will uncover mysteries of the human body and health as they enjoy the First Encyclopedia of the Human Body. They’ll marvel as they travel from Earth to the ends of the known universe in the engaging, picture-filled book, Space.

They’ll also learn about animals, space, and water processing, and enjoy a biography of Louis Pasteur.

BookShark Science Curriculum

Science Experiments.

There are 30 major experiments centered around water, magnets, light, and mirrors. They have included what you need, with the exception of things like the water of course. The DVD has them to watch either before or after you do your, as well as a great science activity book to make sure you know what you are doing.

We really enjoy BookShark for the content of the curriculum and the open-and-go style that it lends to parents with everything planned out for you. Some of the subjects we have used have included:
Science for 6-8-year-olds and for 9-12-year-olds
Language Arts

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