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Getting Organized with A Happy Planner

Being organized is probably really important in your homeschool. I’m not the best with it. I try hard and have to focus on the organization part of it. The one area I have down, it writing out what needs to be done and when. Using my Happy Planner is what got me there.

Getting Organized with A Happy Planner

Getting Organized with A Happy Planner

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I can be the most disorganized person, whether we are in the midst of homeschooling or in the middle of summer vacation. Then in July 2016, I bought my Happy Planner. I love it! It is big enough to keep track of everything I need to. And because I’m more of a paper, write everything out person this is what works best for me right now.

If you are more of a digital planner, you should check out the Homeschool Planet scheduler.

How I Use My Happy Planner

The three blocks for each day are perfect – BLOG, HOMESCHOOL, OTHER are my categories for keeping me on track. A couple of months ago I bought a checklist stamp which is perfect for both my blog and homeschool section, it came with some stacking (colorful) stamps too, to make checking things off more fun.

It comes in three different sizes I believe, I could be wrong. Currently, I have the medium-sized planner but decided to go with the bigger one for next year so I’m not so cramped when planning, mainly for school.

Make It Your Own

If you find that there is something missing from your planner, maybe you want to add a page to the beginning or end of each month to track something, you can. You can pick up the punch to add them easily.

You can get already made planner pages as well, ready to insert extensions to add. Pick and chose what you want. Some of the ones I have are meal planning, budgeting, and focusing on goal inserts.

Getting Organized with A Happy Planner

Truthfully, I had thought about trying a different planner that I had heard others saying was so great, but when I went to buy one for the coming year, I decided to stick with what I know and love, and that’s my Happy Planner.

How do you keep everything organized? Are you a paper planner kind of person like I am, or a digital planner kind of person?

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