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Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool

A year, maybe two years ago I bought a pack of Post It notes from Costco because I tend to leave myself notes every where. I have started using them in our homeschool now too. The best thing about Post It notes is just how much you can do with them.

Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool
Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool

Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool

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Library Lists

I look up a lot of books online, and then look to see if I can get them from our library. If our library has them local I use my lovely post it notes to write down the books that I want to pick up. I then stick the note to my wallet so I don’t loose it before getting to the library.

Read Aloud

Going with our BookShark Reading with History we started Charlotte’s Web (which I was totally stoked about because I loved it as a child). BookShark gives daily reading schedule along with the vocabulary that gets picked up in each chapter and questions to ask your child(ren).

I use post it notes to write down the questions and put them at the end of each chapter. This way I am not breaking the flow of reading to get up find the questions.

Using Post It Notes in Your Homeschool

Keeping Track

I love using post it notes for keeping track of how my kids are doing in different subjects. I can stick one in their math workbook to keep track of where they might need a little extra practice. Or in our history book to remember something really interesting, or something that they took particular interest in and want to learn more about.

I have been sticking them to the covers of their workbooks, or activities books to help us keep track of where we need to start or which activities we are going to do in what order.

Using Post It Notes for New Ideas

Just like I keep track of what they want to learn more about. I also love post it notes for writing down project plans, extra activities to do like making a snack or dessert, or making spider watercolor web (post to come later on this one!)

Post its are super handy in our homeschool for keeping track of things that I want to happen, to track things for their school year portfolios, and more.