Should You Buy that Book for Your Homeschool Library

Buying a book for your homeschool can be hard decision, especially when you’re a homeschool mom that just loves books. What makes a book special enough to take a place on your shelf? Only buy books for your homeschool library that are worth the bookshelf space.

Should You Buy that Book for Your Homeschool Library?

Should You Buy that Book for Your Homeschool Library?

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Here are some things to think about when you trying to decide whether or not you want to buy a book or just borrow it from the library. I know I am not the only homeschool who utilizes the library but also has overflowing bookshelves.

When to Buy Books for Your Homeschool Library

When you repeatedly borrow a book from the library, and you hate when you have to return it? That is a sign to buy the book. You can make it gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion.

Buy the book if it is going to be a big part of your homeschool, for example, we own books about Canada instead of borrowing. If the book is going to be a spine of your homeschool lessons, buy it.

Educational non-fiction like encyclopedias, histories, atlases, and dictionaries will be used day by day by all ages, are worth buying.

Buy when you find a great deal on books you know you will enjoy and use. These would be books that are cheaper than paying late fees and can be resold if you don’t like them or find that you need the extra book shelf space. You can find them…

Where to Buy Books for Your Homeschool Library

There is no need to spend your homeschool budget only on books, though there is definitely nothing wrong with that to me. There are great ways to save when buying:

  • garage/yard sales
  • books store sales
  • library book sales – our favorite
  • Amazon used books
  • Thriftbooks – I haven’t used this site yet as I just discovered it but have heard great things about it from other homeschoolers

When to Borrow Books for Your Homeschool

There is no need to buy every book you want or need for your curriculum. When using a boxed curriculum for your child you may be temped to buy all the novels/books with your curriculum. BUT, buying the instruction manuals and workbooks and borrow the books from your local library will be better for your budget and storage space. And your child might not be interested in reading the books the first time, let alone again.

My kids read a lot, there is no way I could buy, and store all the books they go through. The library is our storage place if you will.

If there is a topic that your child has taken a sudden interest in, borrow books on that topic. They may jump to a new topic quickly.

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