Streaming Services for in Homeschool

There are a lot of different streaming services for your homeschool in 2021. There are probably too many to choose from if you are trying to keep your streaming services cost under what it cost comparable to cable cost. But they can add a great element to your lessons with documentaries as such.

Streaming Services in Our Homeschool

Streaming Services for in Homeschool

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Streaming Netflix

Netflix has been the popular choice for TV shows and movies but there are also documentaries. My oldest loves documentaries of all kinds.

Streaming Amazon Prime

We have had an Amazon Prime account for a few years for the free shipping. Free shipping as a homeschooler is great, but we also love it for buying and sending presents back home to family. We have only just recently started watching their stream service. There are a lot of TV shows and movies and more documentaries.

Streaming CraveTV

This one is new for us, we’re just now finished the 30-day trial and I think, have decided to keep it. It has a lot of documentaries to pick from, more than the previous two that I have mentioned.  And a lot of shows that Hubby likes. It’s not as easy as Netflix for me, I usually have my screen divided – half Netflix and half my browser window.

Disney +

I had to come back to this post to add Disney +. This is a favorite, National Geographic documentary. All those animal shows are a favorite for my 10 year who is animal crazy.

Curiosity Stream

We just got a subscription to this service a few days ago. It is all educational documentaries, history of animals, man, food, and everything else that my kids are oddly interested in. Oddly to because history is not my jam.

Streaming Services for Homeschooling

How We Stream

We have a basic Roku that we bought a number of years ago, and it has been moved up to our bedroom where we rarely watch TV because we don’t care for it.

We have a FireTV Stick for streaming which is part of the reason why we tried out CraveTV. It has made streaming a lot easier with everything on one device. Bonus – parental control.

Edited to add: When we moved across the country we didn’t bring out the living room TV for fear of it breaking. When we replaced it we bought a Fire TV Edition Toshiba TV. I LOVE it.

How We Homeschool with Streaming Services

When we’re learning about new topics it’s nice to have an additional resource like documentaries. I also love to find our science subjects with the Magic School Bus TV show. Perfect for young elementary-aged.

During Shark week, there are a lot of documentaries for us to watch between Netflix and Prime.

Does your child have a new interest? Check to see if there is a documentary for it, there probably is.

Mom is maybe feeling sick, or maybe the kids are feeling under the weather and not much like doing book work, watch something together cuddled on the sofa.

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