Homeschool Planet – Online Homeschool Planner

Have you started thinking about planning the up coming school year yet? I have as our curriculum for the coming year has been arriving, and I have needed away to get things sorted for the year, and to wrap my head around it all. Thankfully I was introduced to Homeschool Planet for my online homeschool planner this year.

Homeschool Planet - Online Homeschool Planner

Homeschool Planet – Online Homeschool Planner

*This is a sponsored post, but I’m 100% honest in my review. All opinions are honest, and I am not required to post a positive review.*

I often fight routine I have been huge on using a paper planner for our homeschool but I thought that this digital, online homeschool planner was worth a try. And it is rather handy I have to tell you.

Homeschool Planet is a digital planner and a wonderful option for my routine bucking AND they give you step-by-step instructions on how to create an app for your phone for this planner. This way you can easily take this planner anywhere you go that you are homeschooling.

As someone who is addicted to her phone at times, and always worried that we’re forgetting to do something.

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Favorite Homeschool Planet Planner Features:

Calendar – School Days

Ready to plan your school year? Figure out your start date and end date. Then holidays and whatever other types of days that you may take off. We take birthdays off. 

You can see that we have 145 days scheduled… things will most likely change more as I plan out vacations. But for those that are required to count school days, this is perfect!

Homeschool Planner Calendar

Color Coded Online Homeschool Planet Planner

Set a color for those repeats such as Math. Or Story Time, etc. This is great for at a quick glance especially when you know what each color means right off.

I love color-coded everything, whether in a digital planner or paper planner. I use specific color pens and pencils in my Happy Planner for specific things – homeschool has one color, blogging has another color, etc.

Homeschool Planning Made Easy

I LOVE that I don’t have to repeatedly enter information into the planner. For example, every Monday we have Story Time, I simply have to choose to repeat every Monday, and it’s there. A huge bonus over a paper planner.

Making homeschool lesson plans easy to make and stick to. I’m spending the summer getting everything ready to go.

Create a Custom Layout

I have mine set up with the weather widget in the corner. It’s one of those things that my kids are always asking about – darling children, the weather is either really hot or really cold here in Saskatchewan.

Homeschool Planner main screen

Planner Shopping List and To-Do List

A widget to remind me what I need to get done like print out spelling and reading lists. Or you know, figure out how often each of my girls will do Math. There is also a shopping list widget – great for when you are planning crafts or science experiments and need to pick something up for it.

Try the World’s Best Homeschool Planner for FREE!

The Homeschool Planet planner really does cover everything that a homeschool mom planner needs. Not just homeschool lesson plans but everything to keep your life and household running smoothly.

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