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Homeschool Resources – What We’ve Used and Use

There are so many great products and services now that make great homeschool resources even if they aren’t necessarily marketed towards homeschoolers. You can take advantage of these and make a great full curriculum from them.

I also have a list of secular curriculum that can be used in Canada as well, not just in Canada however that you may be interested in as well.

Homeschool Resources - What We've Used and Use

Homeschool Resources

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Secular Homeschool Curriculum

Canadian History and Geography

I am proud to be Canadian, but boy can it be hard to find information or curriculum for teaching our kids about Canada and its history. This is where The Canadian Homeschooler comes into play.

She has created some awesome things such as Hands-On Canadian History, The Canadian Adventure – A Virtual Trip Across Canada. There is also a great bundle, which I have been using with my kids and it has been great for our trips across Canada, the travel journal has been great.

The Canadian Bundle

Donna Ward’s books are used widely across the country in public schools, private schools, and homeschools. Donna desires to bring you living history through exciting and authentic resources with a commitment to quality and excellence.

We have many of the books used in this curriculum because they are amazing books for kids on Canadian history.

Language Arts

We are new to Grammer Galaxy, like just getting it for this year, and can’t wait to share more about it with you as we go along.

Edited to add: We LOVE Grammar Galaxy. The story is interesting. There are no weird fluffy parts that your kids are asking why they have to do XYZ. It is a great, time-friendly, manageable curriculum to use with your kids, from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

We are also using WriteShop, while it is a lot more parent hands-on, we’re really enjoying it. You can learn more about it and how we are using it here and here.

Math – In Canada & Other Countries

RightStart Math was a great math curriculum for us while my kids were younger. They enjoyed the worksheets, but they really enjoyed the games that were included in the curriculum as well.

RightStart Math isn’t just about sitting down and learning math in a workbook but instead uses games and a lot of hands-on activities to help them really build a great foundation of math.

I have written a couple of reviews about it that you may want to check out:

RightStart™ Mathematics

Subscription Boxes

These are some great subscription boxes that we all love here. We love mail, we love mail that comes at the same time every month like these great boxes:

Green Kids Crafts – Wondering what you’ll get in your box each month? Below are past boxes that were all part of our monthly STEAM kids subscription program. They’re a great representation of what subscribers receive each month.


I love two sites for Chapters Indigo and Amazon. Their prices are often the same or within a few cents of each other. I love Chapters because I can use my Plum card and earn points towards free books – which I love. Plus I love that I can order pick up at the store and get myself a Starbucks and must likely another book.

I love Amazon because I have a Prime membership which on certain items gets me free shipping, and gets here quick which is great because I usually realize I need something last minute. This is the first year that we have been using Amazon Prime Video because of the documentaries. My 12-year-old loves documentaries on animals and Earth.

Kindle Unlimited is also unlimited when it comes to the devices you can read unlimited content on. You can read unlimited material on your kindle, smartphone, tablet, or even simply on a PC. Get a free trial with nearly 1 million book choices to choose from at any time.


Please don’t forget that your library is one of the best resources you can have while homeschooling your child. There are a lot of reasons to make this your go-to resource.

Homeschool Resources - What We've Used and Use