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WriteShop 1 Basic Set Digital Curriculum Review

We are using WriteShop for the first time this year for my seventh-grader. She really enjoys writing and I want to encourage her, which is why we are using WriteShop 1 Basic Set this year. I plan to start with the standard schedule that will give us a year to work through the book.

WriteShop 1 Basic Set Digital Curriculum Review

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A lot of time when I buy curriculum I end up buying digital. Because I’m in Canada and shipping to Canada can cost as much as the product. The best part about digital is you can print as many copies as you need for your family. And take it with you wherever you are without bringing multiple books.

I do think it would be amazing to have a printed copy of the student workbook so I didn’t have to print things off, but I can and am, picking and choosing what needs to be printed not just printing everything.

WriteShop 1 Basic Set Review

WriteShop I Basic Set sets teens on a course for success. Lessons teach various kinds of writing, including creative writing, expository writing, narrative, persuasive, and essay writing. Students also learn important techniques of style and self-editing.

With each lesson, they learn and practice new skills, apply them to their current writing project, and edit and revise the composition several times. By the end of the lesson, they’ll have a polished paper to be proud of!

How We Use WriteShop 1 Digital Curriculum

I don’t print everything off. Otherwise, I may as well buy the books as the cost of shipping and printing everything off would probably be the same. I keep all my digital curriculum on my tablet, so it is easily accessible during lessons.

I have printed a few of the “helper” pages from the student workbook that I know we are both going to be referencing throughout the year. And as we go through the workbook I will print anything she needs. We’ll have a binder just for her WriteShop curriculum to keep it contained.

WriteShop 1 Basic Set Digital Curriculum Review

This writing program is:

  • clear
  • concise
  • focuses on developing a strong paragraph
  • has a wide-range of writing activities
  • focuses on teaching how to refine work (A++)
  • helps parents know exactly what to teach
  • guides parents in evaluating their child’s work

All the things that I’m looking for in a language arts curriculum.

We are also using WriteShop Level Junior Level E with my younger learners. And I’m really enjoying it. Both of them are strong readers and spellers, but where my third grader loves to write and create his own stories, my fifth grader hates to write anything.

We’re all enjoying the structure of WriteShop as well as the creative topics. Lesson 2 in WriteShop1 is Describing a Pet, which is right up my 12-year-old’s alley as an animal lover. We haven’t found the lessons overwhelming or too long but the perfect little bit of writing.

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