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5 Benefits of Using Child-Led Learning

I love child-led learning. We have learned more through child-led learning than we have through the amazing curriculum that we have used over the past six years. There are great benefits of using child-led learning in your homeschool and they might push you to give it a try.

5 Benefits of Using Child-Led Learning

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Six Benefits of Using Child-Led Learning

Less pressured learning.

There is no pressure to learn XYZ by a specific date or time, or by the end of a curriculum. Your child is setting the pace. They are learning the skills as they developmentally should be. You aren’t forcing them to sit and write with a pencil before they are ready.

Let your environment lead the learning.

The way you incorporate learning into your lifestyle shows your child what’s truly important to your family. When your child sees you use math and literacy skills every day in a natural way, you are providing a reason for his learning.

They are going to pick up life skills like nobody’s business because it is part of their life. Our kids are part of fixing and maintaining our home. So much hands-on learning.

The environment and experiences you place your child in will ultimately decide what your child will be motivated to learn. And when your child is motivated to learn, there is no stopping them.

Learning can be complex.

Why? Why? Why? Do you remember your kids going through that stage? All kids go through a stage of wanting or needing, to know why. This is the foundation of child-led learning. They have time to explore, investigate, and experiment. They figure things out for themselves and, in turn, grasp a deeper understanding of the topic.

5 Benefits of Using Child-Led Learning

Fosters a love of learning.

When you give your child the freedom to choose what they want to learn and how to learn in your homeschool preschool, they begin to enjoy learning.  And they never stop learning because it becomes natural to want the answer to their questions. To know why.

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