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Grade 7 Curriculum Picks for 2021

Let’s talk about grade 7 curriculum picks. Grade seven is the beginning of junior high here in Canada, and I feel like there is a lot of pressure to step up our homeschool lessons. I know choosing curriculum can be a challenge, so hopefully, this post will help give you a good starting point to choosing your own.

Grade 7 Curriculum Picks for 2021

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Grade 7 Curriculum Picks for 2021

First, I cannot believe that I have a seventh grader already. This is going to be our seventh year of homeschooling. We have a plan in mind for the future so we are working towards that goal for my seventh-grader, Austin.

Grade 7 Math

Teaching Textbooks all the way! We also have RightStart Math Level H for more practice. My seventh grader prefers written practice when she needs a little extra practice.

We have the Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide <– quite the title huh? We have them all for middle school (minus the American history book).

Science for Seventh Grade

The plan is for a focus on science this year.

BookShark for the win here. We took a little break from BookShark to follow interested over the past couple of years but I kept looking at their science curriculum and felt like it was the best option going into science for a well-rounded curriculum. (Review coming.)

We are going to be using some 4H curriculum that I only learned about on a whim. We’ll be doing Veterinary sciences throughout the year alongside Bookshark. In the spring we will be setting those aside to work on more of the 4H curriculum – Poultry and Gardening in particular. Things we consider life skills here.

We are also doing Intro to Chemistry with Fascinating Education. Going into animal studies, possibly veterinary I want to make sure we have sciences covered.

Language Arts

We are going to be using Grammar Galaxy again. I am looking at maybe something else but I have not figured out what we’ll be using. I’m looking at Write Shop as one of the options.


I am very lucky that my seventh grader loves documentaries and reading books from the library about history. Also that their dad loves history as well.

We have covered some early history, and now we are going to start touching on it again with Curiosity Chronicles (review coming soon). We’ll continue watching documentaries and learning the way we do best, Curiosity Stream has been the best $22ish investment each year for history.

Grade 7 Curriculum Picks for 2021

This is our current plan. Plans change! Homeschool plans change all the time as we work through the curriculum and learn what is and isn’t working. Even after seven years of this, I don’t know what is going to work for each child.

I have no idea how to homeschool junior high but we’re going to figure it out. The oldest child is always the genuine pig, right?

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