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Middle School Homeschool Chemistry Curriculum – Fascinating Education

Having a child old enough to start taking middle school classes such as intro-to-chemistry blows my mind. As we get into the older grades, my confidence in teaching some subjects fades fast. Like middle school homeschool chemistry curriculum. I look to others to help my child in this area, to Fascinating Education for intro to chemistry.

Fascinating Education

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Middle School Homeschool Chemistry Curriculum

Dr. Sheldon Margulies started Fascinating Education, a retired neurologist in addition to having been a teacher of medical students. Fascinating Education offers a variety of science classes.

In these classes, Dr. Margulies focuses on teaching students to understand science concepts instead of just memorizing them. In addition to this, he uses images and narration to explain difficult concepts.

This early start can carry on into other courses that Fascinating Education including Chemistry, as well as Biology, Physics, and Medicine.

Middle School Intro to Chemisty

Fascinating Education Intro to Chemistry is perfect for different learning types with both video lessons and reviews script (written) as well as reviews for the lessons in both video and script form. The scripts are printable PDFs.

Lessons are to the point, there is no fluff. Fascinating Education’s Intro to Chemistry has 13 lessons total that teach in a step-by-step manner. With clear illustrations and audio and visual teaching.

Lessons include:

  • Forces
  • Structure of the Atom
  • The First 20 Elements
  • Electrical Charges
  • Ionic Bond
  • Properties of the Ionic Bond
  • Causation
  • Polar Covalent Bond
  • Prop. of the Polar Covalent Bond
  • Nonpolar Covalent Bond
  • Prop. – Noncovalent Polar Bond
  • Metallic Bond and its Prop.
  • The Nucleus
Fascinating Education

Tests for Intro to Chemistry

Is your child having a little trouble on their test? There is help available for each of the questions. This is new stuff, we all want our kids to be successful, including Dr. Margulies which is why he has done this. He is still in the process of adding the help to the Chemistry course tests, and then will be added to the other courses.

There are also PDF versions of the test available, as well as the answer keys to go along with them. Some kids just do better on paper, Austin, who is taking this course this year, does better with paper testing versus online testing.

Getting An Early Start In Chemistry

Chemistry in middle school, grade seven in particular wasn’t on my radar. I knew we were going to be needing it soon especially for a child who wants to be a vet. This is a subject that she is going to need, something I want her to be well versed in and comfortable with.

I am raising independent kids, or at least that is my goal. Good, smart human beings that know how to learn. Fascinating Education is a great course for your children to take independently. Your kids are going to be able to move through Fascinating Education lessons and tests on their own while you work with your other children, or on your own thing.

We giving our kids the best start in chemistry by starting earlier, and with the best materials, focusing on understanding, not memorizing.


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