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When Buying Curriculum: What to Think About

This time of year homeschool parents are thinking about what curriculum they are going to be using in the upcoming year. Thinking about that shiny curriculum that you got an email about, or heard someone talking about. But there are still some things that you need to think about when buying curriculum. You might want to think twice about it before you jump into a big purchase.

When Buying Curriculum: What to Think About

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What You Need to Think About

The very first thing you need to think about is why are you thinking about or looking at different curriculums other than the way you have been using.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken. It applies to so many things, your homeschool curriculum being one of them. Don’t go for the shiny new curriculum that just came out or that your friend is using.

Where You Buy Curriculum

There are many different options for buying curriculum once you have decided what route you are going to choose. Whether you are buying the next level in a curriculum you are already familiar with, or something new.

My favorite way to buy curriculum is to buy used curriculum. Especially when you aren’t sure if it will work for you, you aren’t investing a lot of money into the unknown. Buying used curriculum can help you save on your budget too.

What the Curriculum Costs

Is this curriculum in your budget? Maybe you are looking for a new curriculum because the one you have been using is no longer within your budget as you have more kids to homeschool or because life changes, or prices have gone up.

You might be able to find a used copy, or buy the core and borrow the books from a friend or the library to help off set the cost.

What It Requires

Time. This is the big one. Does it require more time than you have to give it? RightStart Math for example requires a lot of time from the homeschool parent.

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