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Plan Your Own Unit Study in Your Homeschool

This is a first for us, we are doing a unit study. What is a unit study? I had this question and dismissed the idea of doing on because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it. There are many different methods to educating our children, and this is just one more.

Unit Study in Our Homeschool

Plan Your Own Unit Study in Your Homeschool

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What is a unit study?

But here is it is: a unit study is a collection of learning activities tied to a theme. They are popular with many homeschooling families because they provide a hands-on approach to learning that incorporates subjects such as math, science, language arts, and the social sciences.

Choosing A Unit Study

Why are we doing a unit study now? Because we have a fish tank. Yup, there ya go. We got a fish tank in November/December and have been learning a lot since – mainly me as I struggle to keep fish alive.

We are now getting into wanting plants as well, creating a small ecosystem. To me, it seemed like the simplest way to teach our kids about it, was through trial and error, and a unit study to keep me on track.

In a unit study, you start out by deciding on your topic, ours being the Aquarium ecosystem. You are also going to pick your subtopics. Our subtopics are Water, Fish Life, Plant Life, etc.

With that, you decide which subjects you can include such as spelling, science, etc, and what you will learn through those subjects. For example, we’ll be learning which plants are best for our small tank, as well as what we need to create a “cleaning” system in our tank – which plants would be part of.

Unit Studies in Our Homeschool

Free Unit Study Planner

If you’d like a copy of our unit study planner, head over to my shop for your free copy of this unit study planner.

Finding Free Unit Studies

If you have never done a unit study before it can seem very overwhelming. There can be a lot involved for you to plan. There can be a lot of paperwork, or no paperwork if that is how you chose to do your unit study.

Techie Homeschool Mom has great online unit studies for sale, but she also has some free unit studies for you to try out. This way you can if it is something you and your kids enjoy.

Pinterest is a great resource as well. You can find all kinds over there – free and paid. You can find some Secular Homeschool Unit Studies pins here for you to get started.

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