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Homeschooling Multiple Kids with Ease

Homeschooling multiple kids is a topic that a lot of homeschoolers look for tips and how-tos on. How do you teach three or more grades at the same time? Especially when there are two years between your kids. It actually isn’t that hard when you have the right tools and choose the right curriculum to help you get the job done.

Homeschooling Multiple Kids with Ease

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Homeschooling Multiple Kids with Ease

There are three main areas you want to cover when you’re homeschooling your kids- math, reading, and writing. You really don’t need a lot to cover these three areas. I’ll tell you how we are planning to do it now.

Teaching Textbooks Online Math

Math isn’t really something that you can work with multiple kids on, seeing as they are learning at different levels. My first grader won’t be doing division and my fifth grader can do more than basic addition.

In the past, they have each sat at the table doing math with me walking around to help each child. Last year we started using Teaching Textbooks with my oldest, and this year is going to be that much easier here at our house as we’re adding another level to our routine and schedule.

Yay! Less math for me to teach one-on-one. I honestly love this program so much.

This year we using Teaching Textbooks again. It made fourth-grade math a breeze. This year, we’ll be using level 5 and level 3. This means that while my girls are working independently on math, I can work with their brother, who isn’t old enough for Teaching Textbooks yet. 

They’ll each be able to grab their tablets, headphones, and marker boards and do their math anywhere in the house – or the yard – on their own, with very little help required from me.

I am able to keep track of how they are doing from the parent dashboard which I use a lot to see if there is a concept that they are needing a little more work on and how they are doing in general.

If we’re going to be without power or internet due to being away from home or a scheduled maintenance issue, I can print off their lessons from the parent dashboard.

Sometimes I print them off if they need a little more practice too. There is something about the paperwork that can help it click better sometimes.

I honestly can’t wait until all three of my kids are able to use Teaching Textbooks and I can step away from teaching math, as it is not an area I feel confident in teaching them.

Reading Books Together

Reading together is the best way to cover topics together with multiple ages and for multiple subjects.

Whether you are reading aloud to your children or choosing to listen to audiobooks, everyone can enjoy listening together. When choosing either classic books or more popular books together that you can discuss together as part of your language arts.

You can copy paragraphs out of your books for your children to use as copy work, and for taking notes grammar, and more.

You can pick books about time periods or places that you want to learn about for history and social studies. Such as when we read Owls in the Family for our history curriculum and learned a little more about Saskatchewan, where we currently live. Or use just one book to cover both language arts (reading and writing), history and social studies.

Homeschooling Multiple Kids with Ease

With a great math curriculum option like Teaching Textbooks, and with books from either your public library or your own bookshelves, you can homeschool multiple kids, multiple grades with relative ease.

If you are looking for a curriculum instead of picking and choosing as we often do, there are options, like BookShark, whose levels work for multiple ages.

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