End of School Year Celebration Ideas

The last day of school for the year is special no matter whether you homeschool, send your child to go or some combination of both. We love making it a fun celebration of all the hard work we have done throughout the year to get to this point. Finishing one grade and moving on to the next is a big deal for kids and parents alike and everyone should get to celebrate the end of the school year with some fun celebrations big or small.

End of School Year Celebration Ideas #endofschoolyear #celebrationideas

 End of School Year Celebration Ideas

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End of School Year Fun Ideas

Make a little party out of it, have a bucket of water balloons filled and ready to go in the afternoon for a fun water balloon fight/celebration. Or maybe instead of the water balloons ready to go, you have a bucket filled with fun things that your children can do through out the summer… or if they are like might, all in one day.

End of School Year Celebration Ideas

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End of School Year Pictures

Take a great picture to celebrate, something that you can compare to the first day of school, wow how they have grown, am I right? Start the end of school year celebrations off with a nice picture to save for when they are older.

End of School Year Celebration Ideas

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Maybe make a little something for those who helped you, your child, or your family out during the school year. It doesn’t have to have been a teacher, but perhaps your child was in a co-op or another setting. Or maybe you just want something special.

 End of School Year Celebration Ideas

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