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Homeschool Id Card

You have begun homeschooling and think you know the basics well. Do you have any ID cards for school? Many homeschool families notice that a homeschool ID card helps students in more ways than one. Read on to learn more about why you should have an ID card and student ID cards and where to …

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10+ Essential Homeschool Items

For parents who are new to homeschooling, it can be daunting to try and figure out what materials and items you need to successfully homeschool your child. However, there are really only a few essential homeschool items that you need to get started. *This post contains affiliate links, see my privacy policy for more information.* …

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FREE Secular Homeschooling Websites

There are now dozens of secular homeschooling websites, offering everything from curriculum advice to support groups to printable resources. This means that there is something out there for every family. These are some great secular homeschooling websites that I have found in my search for free online resources for homeschooling on a budget. *This post may …

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When There’s No Homeschool Room

A homeschool room isn’t always practical or even wanted. So how do you homeschool without a homeschool room? Homeschooling takes storage. That is something that I didn’t really think about when I decided to fall down the rabbit trail into homeschool, curriculum takes space. Homeschooling When There’s No Homeschool Room We do not have a …

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7 Great Kids YouTube Channels

As a parent, you want to make sure that the content your kids are consuming is not only entertaining but also educational. There are a number of Kids YouTube channels created specifically for kids. These channels feature a variety of fun and educational content that your kids are sure to love. *This post contains affiliate …

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6 Homeschool Goals for Success

How are you doing on your homeschool goals for the year? Have you thought about making resolutions for your child’s education? Here are some of the homeschool goals that we are thinking about in planning the next year for success that you may also want to set. 6 Homeschool Goals for Success When it comes to …

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