A homeschool room isn’t always practical or even wanted. So how do you homeschool without a homeschool room? Homeschooling takes storage. That is something that I didn’t really think about when I decided to fall down the rabbit trail into homeschool, curriculum takes space.

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Homeschooling When There’s No Homeschool Room

We do not have a homeschool room, no dedicated learning space in or outside our home. There are a number of reasons to not have one, a lack of room would be the best reason!

Reasons to Not Have a Homeschool Room

If you don’t want your home to look like a schoolroom, which was my goal, you just need to be a bit creative. I wanted our home to be home, not a school.

Learning occurs everywhere!

Why limit you and your children to only “learning” in a specific room of your home. Math is fun in the kitchen cooking and baking for example.

Get out of the house altogether. Head to the park or library and do some school there. Grab a backpack, toss some books, pencils, and erasers and learn where ever you go.

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How to Not Have a Homeschool Room

I have been a book lover since I was a teen, and that requires bookshelves, which is important as a homeschooler too.


When we bought our house, it came with an old dining room serving buffet, which houses our board games. It’s directly behind our dining room table which is the perfect place to play board games.

We have two 6 Cube Storage Organizers and a small bookshelf in our open concept dining room/living room. The bookshelf is full of books, their leveled reading books, our Berenstain Bear books, and more.

Used for easy storage of:

Keeping everything neat and tidy will make a difference in keeping you home looking like a home and not a classroom.

Storage - BookShark Binder - No Homeschool Room

I love red, and hubby one day saw this two-door cabinet in red on clearance and brought it home for me. I love it! Do you know what I have in it currently? Homeschool stuff! We keep our BookShark binders in here, along with our other curriculum that we aren’t using at the moment.

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