You have begun homeschooling and think you know the basics well. Do you have any ID cards for school? Many homeschool families notice that a homeschool ID card helps students in more ways than one. Read on to learn more about why you should have an ID card and student ID cards and where to get them.


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Why You Might Want A Homeschool Id Card

Having student and teacher IDs for your homeschool can come in handy.

Proof of Homeschooling 

If you’re having trouble proving you’re homeschooling to a school, homeschool ID can help. Not all places that need verification will regard these, but it will help greatly if schools do.

Photo ID 

It might be necessary to generate a homeschool ID in some cases when a younger homeschooler doesn’t have a license yet, but providing an image on the card helps ensure access to establishments that accept it.


Many retailers and attractions offer discounts to teachers, and home educators are often included. An ID is an easy way to prove that you are eligible for the discount.

For Fun

Having a homeschool ID can be just for fun. It is a keepsake of your homeschool year that your homeschoolers can look back fondly on and show to their friends, to show their children one day as well.

How To Get Free Homeschool ID Cards

There are a few different ways to get free homeschool ID cards for your homeschool.

Big Huge Labs

Big Huge Labs provides a bit more flexibility with what you would like your I.D. card to say and how it will look; you can choose colors and text in a lot more places. These are completely customizable, from the header to the description under your name.

These cards are completely DIY. You design them on their website and then print them off. It is very straightforward on how to do it.

If you own a Scotch laminator you can laminate them for more durability.

Free Homeschool ID Card sample

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

You may create your own I.D. cards on their website, printing them in a similar manner as above mentioned cards. These ones aren’t as customizable though. There are two color choices, and two title choices and that is it.

Once you’ve printed them out and are ready to have them laminated. OR you can select to have the cards emailed to you, which costs approximately $5-$6 per card.

Free Homeschool ID Card sample2

More Homeschool ID Options

If you don’t like these options you can also check out Etsy and Canva.

Canva you are going to have to create and print them yourself as well but you have COMPLETE control over the final product. There are free options under their templates for ID Badges.

There are many, many different editable options on available on Etsy, there are a wide range of prices and designs for you to choose from.