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Homeschool Supplies for Teens to Promote Independence

How can you promote independence in your teens? Starting at home while you homeschool them is the place to start. Grab these homeschool supplies for teens to promote independence easily. They might not even realize you are setting them up for success and maybe even college.

Homeschool Supplies for Teens to Promote Independence

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Homeschool Supplies for Teens to Promote Independence

I have a goal of raising good people. I want them to be independent while we’re at it too. There is no reason that we can’t take care of both at the same time. These items are great for helping your teen take control of their education, to a point, and their life direction.

Student Planner

I know that I talk about this all the time, but a planner is the single most important supply you can buy for the academic year. Seriously. You can’t plan out your week with any accuracy without it. Teaching your child to keep track of assignments and their job if they have one, etc.

This way they can learn time management and self-direction. They may also want to try out the Homeschool Planet online/digital planner themselves if they want to try digital planners.

Alternatively, they could also use an app as their planner, but I’m old school and love my paper planner.

A Large Binder

When I say big, I mean get a big binder. Get a 3” binder and use it for all your subjects. When kids have multiple notebooks, they take up more space but also leave room for one to get lost.

I LOVED the Five Star binders that zipped closed when I was in high school. I didn’t have to worry about pages falling out as I ran to catch the bus.

That problem is solved by using a single binder. Also, you can keep your pencil pouch and planner in that same notebook. If you have the big binder, you will have everything you need for all your classes in one place.

Good Pens

Buy some good pens for your teen. Colorful pens for them to use for note taking, for in their planner – just make sure that they don’t bleed through if you are using them in your planner.

Homeschool Supplies for Teens to Promote Independence

Noise Canceling Headphones

So, these are going to be counterintuitive I know. But noise-canceling headphones are going to be helpful for studying, especially when your teen has younger siblings.

Post-It Notes

I use Post-It notes everywhere, I know my teen is going to follow foot and do the same. These are great for leaving notes for your child, for them leaving notes for you. I love to use them for leaving my teen girl inspirational quotes.

Folding Lap Desk

These are great for studying and doing schoolwork in less conventional places that teens might enjoy doing. In bed is a favorite place to get work done around here, for me as well. Folding lap desks are great, because they aren’t going to be taking up a lot of space when not in use.

Find what works for you and your teen to help set them up for success. Give them the independence to do their lessons in their time, and in their own space. I’m not saying to be completely hands-off, but give them the space to figure out what is working for them.

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